Antwerp port courses

APEC has been giving live port courses since 1977, transferring knowledge from one port professional to another.
The short-term courses take place in Antwerp and offer not only the expertise that is present in Antwerp and Flanders; they provide a platform of discussion between participants, building a unique bond of friendship amongst them.
APEC brings together port professionals and experts from all corners of the world to share and learn best practices, in order to enrichen their own professional career.

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Courses in English

Port Management & Strategic Masterplanning

Dates: 17/05 – 28/05

Language: EN
Apply until: 18/03/2021

Port Logistics

Dates: 20/09 – 01/10

Language: EN
Apply until: 20/07/2021

Dredging Technologies

Dates: 07/06 – 18/06

Language: EN
Apply until: 04/04/2021

Port Business Development & Marketing

Dates: 29/11 – 10/12

Language: EN
Apply until: 29/09/2021

Container Terminal Management

Dates: 21/06 – 02/07

Language: EN
Apply until: 22/04/2021

Courses in French

Gestion et Stratégie Portuaire

Dates: 04/10 – 15/10

Language: FR
Apply until: 04/08/2021

Logistique Portuaire

Dates: 08/11 – 19/11

Language: FR
Apply until: 08/09/2021