The APEC team


Board of Directors


Mr. Roger Roels – Board member of the Port of Antwerp

Managing Director
Mr. Kristof Waterschoot

Board members
Mr. Jacques Vandermeiren – C.E.O of the Port of Antwerp
Mr. Paul Valkeniers – C.E.O. of CEPA (Centrale der Werkgevers aan de Haven van Antwerpen)
Mr. Luc Arnouts – Director of International Networks of the Port of Antwerp
Mr. Geert Van Cappellen – Managing Director of FITA, Flemish Government, Dept. Mobility and Public Works

Mr. Kristof Waterschoot

Managing Director

Mrs. Nancy Leyman

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

Mrs. Ikram Elkhalfioui

Finance Executive

Mrs. Ann Huysentruyt

Project Executive and Key Account Western, Northern and Central Africa

Mrs. Daria Lansink

Project Executive and Key Account Europe, Middle East and Southern and Eastern Africa

Mrs. Sophie Van de Poel

Communication and Project Executive - Key Account South East Asia and Indian Subcontinent

Mrs. TingTing Yao

Project Executive and Key Account P.R. China and Taiwan

Mrs. Houda Yachou

Project Executive

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APEC guides

When on site visits, APEC relies on the aid of the APEC guides Jan Van Noten, Koen Cassiers, Ludo Cami, Dirk Brentjens, Rik Jacobs and Clem Saeys.


APEC can rely on the support and expertise of a vast number of port professionals for the execution of the programs (both in Belgium and abroad).