Combi port courses

The combi port courses combine online learning with the original APEC experience in the Port of Antwerp. For the first 4 weeks you will be following online live lectures and gain access to exclusive course material such as recorded presentations and interesting articles. Afterwards, you will be visiting Antwerp for 1 week to explore the Port of Antwerp and its large number of companies contributing to the Antwerp Port Community. The combi port courses offer the comfort of learning online as well as the opportunity to gain valuable, exclusive insight in some of the largest logistics parties in the world.

During the courses, we encourage and facilitate close interaction among participants, as global networking and peer-learning are APEC’s key features. In the end, you will receive a certificate as a valuable addition to your professional profile.

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Courses in English

Strategic Development for a Future-Oriented Port

Online: 7/02 – 04/03
Antwerp: 14/03 – 18/03
Language: EN

Health, Safety & Security

Online: 23/05 – 21/06
Antwerp: 27/06 – 02/07
Language: EN

Port Logistics

Online: 29/08 – 23/09
Antwerp: 26/09 – 30/09
Language: EN

Port Business Development & Marketing

Online: 7/11 – 25/11
Antwerp: 5/12 – 9/12
Language: EN

Courses in French

Logistique Portuaire

Online: 29/08 – 23/09
Antwerp: 26/09 – 30/09
Language: FR

Santé, Sécurité & Sûreté

Online: 12/09 – 7/10
Antwerp: 10/10 – 14/10
Language: EN