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Breakbulk shipping & logistics

octobre 25 - décembre 3


The course on Breakbulk Shipping & Logistics covers all essential aspects of transport, storage, stevedoring and shipping of breakbulk. During this course, you will get the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the breakbulk industry with its leading experts.

The ports of Flanders are preferred ports for the handling of steel, project cargo, fruit, forest products and cars in Europe. With more than 200 calls of breakbulk vessels each month, the Port of Antwerp handles a considerable amount of breakbulk cargo. Numerous logistics players offer various services with a high added value to the customer: steel service centres for handling and cutting steel, warehousing, ripening and refrigeration of perishables, and various other services for fruit, wood and project cargo. North Sea Port (Ghent) is the number 1 breakbulk port in Europe and the port of Zeebrugge is the largest port in the world for importing and exporting roll-on roll-off cargo. Simply put, this port course is hosted at the heart of the European breakbulk market.

This course is enriched with visits to the ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and North Sea Port, paying special attention to the breakbulk terminals and logistic areas. We will visit several stevedoring and lashing companies and logistics players offering high added value services to their customers.

Why this programme?
Breakbulk is considered a valuable niche market as it encompasses a considerable amount of job opportunities and value added services in a port. Loading and unloading breakbulk is labour-intensive. Furthermore, general cargo creates opportunities for value added services such as supply management, order picking, quality control, packaging and storage. Shipping breakbulk requires a product specific approach: every shipment is different.

With this programme,

– you will become more familiar with the wide range of breakbulk cargoes, such as heavy lift, project cargo, steel, forest products, fruit, or non-ferrous metals.
– you will get insights into the entire supply chain of handling, storage, stevedoring and shipping of breakbulk cargo.
– you will understand the key aspects and best practices for the safe and secure handling of breakbulk and project cargo, loss and claim prevention and the legal responsibilities of all parties involved.
– you will be able to assess the risks involved and make actionable recommendations for the safe and secure handling of the cargo.
– you will be familiar with breakbulk terminal operations and understand the complexity of loading, lashing and securing of different types of breakbulk cargo.
– you will understand the impact of breakbulk and project cargo on your port development and operations.
– you will be familiar with the different vessel types for shipping general cargo.
– you will be able to assess the economic value of breakbulk and project cargo in your port.
– you will understand the impact of technology and innovation to the breakbulk industry.


This port course is targeted towards everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the breakbulk industry and would like to enrichen their knowledge on the subject.

The topics discussed are relevant to
– managers of forwarding companies, shipping agents, cargo brokers, shipping companies, terminal operators & other logistic players with a focus on shipping and handling breakbulk and project cargo
– managers of port authorities and terminals who are closely involved in handling breakbulk or who wish to develop their breakbulk handling services
– staff of ministries of transport or maritime affairs
– everyone focussed on managerial or legal aspects of breakbulk: legal assistants, surveyors, insurers, etc

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Course fee: €3.500 

The registration fee covers the tuition fee, documentation, local transport during the seminar, breakfast, lunch and dinner (full board), accommodation at Mercure City South Antwerp**** (14d/13n) and insurance.
International transport, airport transfer, visa costs, extra meals and nights at the hotel are at your own expense. Extra nights at the hotel need to be arranged directly with the reservation desk of the hotel:

Please note that the registration fee must be received by APEC in full; meaning all national and international taxes, bank costs etc. need to be covered by the participant.
Kindly take this into account when completing the transfer, as a deficit in the amout received by APEC will mean admission to the seminar will be denied.

Final date to apply for a scholarship: 15/1/2021


octobre 25
décembre 3
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4 weeks online and 1 week in Antwerp
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Antwerp, 2030 Belgium
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