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Port environmental management and sustainability

août 30 - octobre 1


Environmental sustainability in the port industry is of growing concern for port authorities, policy makers, port users and local communities. For sustainability to be achieved, environmental, social and economic aspects all need to be in balance.

The course on Port Environmental Management and Sustainability offers a specialised programme on the growing importance of environmental issues and applied technologies in a port. It highlights the main environmental challenges that ports face and demonstrates response options. It will encourage the participating ports and organisations in establishing and developing further their environmental management programmes and facilitate their journey towards responsible action, respecting the diversity of ports and their competences and abilities.

Why this programme?

Environmental regulations and international standards trigger or even force port authorities and port users to be proactive and to commit to sustainable development and the continuous improvement of their environmental performance. Next to that, they also provide guidelines about the adoption of information systems able measure the effects of environmental sustainability choices and trigger the decision-making processes from a perspective of innovation.

This programme gives port managers the opportunity to extensively discuss themes like sustainable development, environmental issues, energy transition, innovation, stakeholder management, etc.

With this programme, you will

– understand how to integrate sustainability into the strategic agenda and be able to set the environmental and sustainability priorities of your port,
– be able to support and develop awareness and behavioural attitudes in the direction of environmental sustainability and understand the importance of tasking all stakeholders involved with ensuring ports investments and operations are durable and fit to future challenges
– get an overview of the environmental and sustainability challenges within ports
– understand how ports can be smart and sustainable and realise the impact of emerging technology solutions for sustainability,
– Realise the importance and impact of regulatory frameworks and international standards on environmental sustainability in the port industry at the international and local level: IMO, ILO, environmental codes of practices, ISO certification, waste water policy, policies on dangerous cargo handling, etc
– be familiar with environmental management and ports waste management practices: plastic waste pollution, waste water policy, dangerous cargo handling, environmental aspects of dredging and disposal, etc
– be able to develop the management innovation processes to achieve environmental sustainability, to enable energy transition, etc

During the programme we will visit several projects and installations, as well as private companies in order to get insights in their dealing with the environmental and sustainability challenges in the ports of Antwerp, North Sea Port and Zeebrugge. We pay specific attention to the environmental challenges of the petrochemical industry.


This programme is targeted towards experienced port professionals from port authorities, policy makers and port users who are directly or indirectly facing challenges related to making the right decisions in terms of the sustainable development of their port or who are leading the implementation of environmental ambitions of the port in relation to the economic development and creation of welfare in their region.

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Course fee: €4.000 

The registration fee covers the tuition fee, documentation, local transport during the course, breakfast, lunch and dinner (full board), accommodation at Mercure City South Antwerp**** (14d/13n) and insurance.
International transport, airport transfer, visa costs, extra meals and nights at the hotel are at your own expense. Extra nights at the hotel need to be arranged directly with the reservation desk of the hotel:

Please note that the registration fee must be received by APEC in full; meaning all national and international taxes, bank costs etc. need to be covered by the participant.
Kindly take this into account when completing the transfer, as a deficit in the amount received by APEC will mean admission to the course will be denied.

Final date to apply for a scholarship: 1/12/2020


Début :
août 30
Fin :
octobre 1
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4 weeks online and 1 week in Antwerp
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Antwerp, 2030 Belgium
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