To uphold the quality of the different courses, APEC relies on the collaboration with the following partners:

Port of Antwerp
The Port of Antwerp has been an indispensable link in world trade since the Middle Ages. Today, 150,000 people contribute to this success story and there is a close co-operation between private enterprises, the authorities and the Port Authority. All these people and parties contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future for the Port of Antwerp and its surroundings!

Port of Antwerp International
Growing economic regions and ports such as India, Brazil, Africa, the Middle East and South-east Asia often need support in the development of their port and logistics infrastructure. Port of Antwerp International (PAI) helps them to develop a port in an expert, efficient and sustainable way.

OCHA is the training centre for blue-collar port workers in the port of Antwerp and belongs to CEPA, a cooperative organization of private port operators.
OCHA has a long tradition in maritime port operations and skill training for port workers (“dockers”) in Belgium and provides over 450 training session in different disciplines annually. In collaboration with APEC, OCHA offers training activities at their Antwerp facilities, and at its clients’ premises in Belgium or abroad.

Flemish Government and Federal Government of Belgium
APEC has a tight relationship with the Department of Mobility and Public Works and the Department of Flanders International of the Flemish Government. APEC also works closely with the Development Cooperation of Belgium.
Thanks to these relationships, APEC is able to appoint scholarships which are awarded by the Flemish and Federal Government. These scholarships cover the costs of the seminar, accommodation and meals. Scholarships can be given to candidates of countries with whom the Flemish or Federal Government have a bilateral agreement.

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) promotes the interest of ports worldwide through strong member relationships, collaboration and information-sharing that help resolve common issues, advance sustainable practices and continually improve how ports serve the maritime industries.



APEC has signed Memorandums of Understanding with numerous port authorities worldwide and has also set up two training centres abroad:

in Guangzhou, P.R. China

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships
APEC and its lecturers are very fond of the cooperation with Mercy Ships, which started in 2019.
Mercy Ships is an international charity that brings hope and healing to the poorest who have no access to health care.
To achieve this, Mercy Ships uses hospital ships. The help that is provided by Mercy Ships is free and focuses on various much-needed surgical specializations.

If you want to find out more about the workings of Mercy Ships, visit their webstie at (French version)