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Tailored solutions 2017

Tailored solution for Brasil (in Belgium)

Client: Business & Exchange School
Subject: Port visits to the Port of Antwerp and the Port of Ghent
Duration: 23 – 24 January 2017

Performance des Ports, ANP, Maroc

Client: Agence National des Ports Maroc
Subject: Performance des Ports
Duration: 20 – 24 March 2017

Evaluation mid-parcours, ANP, Maroc

Client: Agence National des Ports Maroc
Subject: Evaluation mid-parcours
Duration: 3 – 7 April 2017

Tailored solution for New Zealand (in Belgium) - Blue collar

Client: Centreport Wellington, New Zealand
Subject: Vessel Crane Training
Duration: 3 – 7 April 2017


Crane Driver Training, New Zealand

Client: CentrePort Wellington
Subject: Crane Driver Training
Duration: 24 – 28 April 2017

Young Potentials, India

Subject: Tailor Made Seminar on Innovation in Multipurpose Terminal Operations for Indian Young Potentials
Duration: 2 – 5 May

Cruise Terminal Management, ANP, Maroc

Client: Agence National des Ports Maroc
Subject: Cruise Terminal Management
Duration: 8 – 12 May

Dechets solides et liquide, ANP, Maroc

Client: Agence National des Ports Maroc
Subject: Dechets solides et liquide
Duration: 22 – 24 May

Port Strategy, 27 - 28 May, Brazil

Client: BES
Subject: Port Strategy in Santos, Brazil
Duration: 27 – 28 May

Tailored solution for Morocco (in Belgium)

Client: Agence Nationale des Ports (Maroc)
Subjet: La gestion des plateformes logistiques et des ports secs
Duration: 27 june – 1 july 2017



Tailored solution for Lithuania and Latvia

Client: Lithuanian Maritime Academy and Liepaja Marine College
Subjet: Port Logistics and Container Terminal Management
Duration: August 28th – September 1st



Tailored solution for Dalian Technical Workers