Important note in case you have already registered for a port course of the same year:
If you wish to make any changes to your previous registration, i.e. add or remove a port course, update your personal info (e-mail address, company info, …), we kindly ask you to NOT fill out the form again, as this can cause problems in our system.
We instead would like to ask you to contact the Project Executive of our team that is responsible for the port course directly (you can find their info on the course information page) or to send an email to

We thank you for your cooperation.

Please take into account the visa procedures of your country (which for some countries can take up to 6 weeks) when registering. Certain documents that you need for your visa application (such as invitation letter, hotel confirmation, …) will be provided to you after your registration has been finalised and the payment has been completed. If you have applied for a scholarship, the necessary documents will be provided to you after the selection process has been finalised. (you can find the final dates to apply for a scholarship on the information page of each port course)