Tailored solutions

Apart from the Port courses, APEC can offer you and your company a tailored seminar, completely adapted to your needs. These seminars can take place either in Belgium or in your country.

APEC has completed many tailored solutions for its clients in the past.


Interested in setting up a tailored course? Contact the APEC offices at apec@portofantwerp.com or fill in the contact form below.

Blue collar

Tailored solutions are not limited to strictly theoretical courses. APEC also offers skill training of blue collar workers in collaboration with OCHA.

OCHA is the training centre for blue-collar port workers in the port of Antwerp and belongs to CEPA, a cooperative organization of private port operators.

Partnership with PAI

In order for the courses to be suitably adapted to your needs and expectations, APEC works together with the senior consultants of Port of Antwerp International




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