Regarding the content of the seminar on port environmental management and sustainability offered by APEC, I consider that the topics that were addressed were adequate to carry out the exchange of knowledge and presentation of the good practices that the companies of the port of Antwerp have implemented.

The knowledge provided helped to put in context the activities and controls that are currently being carried out in the port of Veracruz, this information will serve to review what activities can be adjusted, with the aim of improving them. Additionally, the presentation of the sustainability objectives agenda provided an overview of where to establish the objectives and efforts.

The most interesting topics in my opinion were those in which the implementation of technologies for renewable energy generation was discussed, raising questions about the applicability in the different ports that we were participating in; response to the emergency, among others.

I believe that the program was structured properly, with an easy-to-follow schedule and with adequate time to carry out the live sessions. As well as, the orientation of the person who coordinated the seminar, the information provided to guide us and the sending of the appointments in advance, gave an excellent sense of organization and commitment.

On the other hand, the experience of the speakers is a highlight, as well as the appropriate preparation of the materials that are the object of the exhibitions, including the use of the different platforms that facilitated interaction with the participants.

I was very pleased to have been part of this call and to have participated in this seminar in which experiences and knowledge in environmental matters of the Port of Antwerp were provided, for which I feel very grateful and satisfied.

Rociela Molina

Head of Quality & Environmental Management, Port of Veracruz, Mexico

Port Environmental Management and Sustainability

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I work for the marine engineering department at Transnet National Port Authority in Durban, South Africa. I applied for the APEC Smart Port Technologies course to better understand the technologies being implemented in ports around the world. Technology is a driving force behind the rapidly changing global business environment, and I had hoped to gain insight into sustainable solutions to improve port operations. Even though the course had to be conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it far exceeded my expectations. The course brought to light the need for integrated systems and technologies to reduce inefficiencies within the port network. Globalisation has flattened the world we live in. We are no longer bound by geographic boundaries, which is why we should take every opportunity to learn from each other. The course exposed me to technologies such as hydro-energy and digital twins – technologies that have not yet been implemented within our own Ports. Apart from specific technologies, the course provided ideas on ways in which to enable innovation within my organisation. The notion of innovation really resonates with me as I believe that through innovation, we can create ports that will remain competitive as we reach the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Over seven weeks, the course allowed me the flexibility to meet work deadlines whilst attending the online sessions. The programme was very well organised and hosted by enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals. I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in the future of work, technology and improving port operations. I am currently in the process of completing a dissertation to obtain my MBA qualification, and was glad to be inspired by the content of the course that I decided to centre my dissertation topic around the concept of innovation within ports!

Maxine Jacob

Engineer, Transnet Group Capital, South Africa

Smart Port Technologies

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