July and August are typical vacation months in Belgium. The sun is shining and the city of Antwerp is full of pop-up summer bars, festivals and BBQ’s. We live our lives at a slower pace.

The rhythm at the office is also different, since we host just a few seminars in July and August. But now, at the end of August something is happening. September is coming, we can feel it.



In only one weeks’ time we will kick off with the first seminar of the fall season. We are expecting 15 professionals of both the Lithuanian Maritime Academy and the Liepaja Marine College who will stay with us for a week to learn about Container Terminal Management and Port Logistics.

Right after this tailor made seminar, we will organize the open course ‘Port Logistics’ for more than 50 participants from all over the world. The beautiful Auditorium of the Port House will be used as lecture venue and site visits will take place numerous companies in the Port of Antwerp and Flanders. We will need the whole team to run everything smoothly.

From this time on, we will constantly host seminars until mid-December!

We are working on four tailor made seminars for Chinese Ports, as a direct result of several missions in China in 2016 and 2017. We are expecting groups from Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzen and Guangdong.
Furthermore we will host three open courses: Port Environmental Policy & Technology, Gestion et Logistique Portuaire (this seminar is conducted in French) and Tasks and Responsibilities of Forwarders, Agencies and Shipping Lines. Register now, spaces are limited!

We will meet nine groups in four months, more than 200 participants… a great challenge for our small team. Luckily for us our organization can count on the Antwerp Port Authority, APEC experts and decades of experience.