A smart port connecting smart people

APEC has been giving port training seminars since 1977, transferring knowledge from one port professional to another.
Around 15.000 people from all over the world have joined in on one of the seminars over the past four decades, gaining from the APEC repertoire of knowledge and skills, provided by both the private and public maritime sector in Flanders.

The short-term seminars offer not only the expertise that is present in Antwerp and Flanders; they provide a platform of discussion between participants, building a unique bond of friendship amongst them. APEC brings together port professionals and experts from all corners of the world to share and learn best practices, in order to enrichen their own professional career.



Due to longstanding relationships with its partners (such as the Flemish Ports, Port of Antwerp International, OCHA, … ), APEC is able to provide a wide range of subjects, fully adapted to the specific needs of the audience.
The courses are open for all those who are active in the maritime world: from skill training of blue collars to executive courses for high level management.

APEC offers a fixed set of port courses on various subjects. APEC also provides tailored solutions upon request – in Belgium and abroad. In cooperation with OCHA, APEC is even able to provide specific skill training seminars for dock workers.
The Executive courses tend to the needs of the higher level management; with subjects from CSR to Megaships and Port labour.

Full option

What makes the APEC courses so unique, is the “full option” approach.
The registration fee for a port course not only covers the inscription fee and documentation; it also includes local transport during seminar days, breakfast and lunch, accommodation at a 4-star hotel and insurance. The only thing the participants need to take care of is their international transport, airport transfer and dinner.
All the rest is provided by APEC!

When opting for a tailored solution, you also have the choice to include accommodation as you see fit.

Target group

The APEC port courses are open for all port professionals. High-level professionals are best to profit from the Executive courses, joining in on high-level discussions.

APEC also offers skill training of blue collar workers in collaboration with OCHA.


Maybe you already have a lot of experience. Or maybe you are just starting out.
Maybe you want to gain insight into a new field. Or maybe your port is undergoing changes and you want to gather some input.


When following an APEC seminar, …
… you get to take a sneak peek at one of the world’s biggest ports and get an insight in its day-to-day workings.
… you gain expertise from not only the lecturers and during site visits, but also get to exchange best practices with your international peers.
… you have the opportunity to go into discussion to get an answer to all your questions.




Mrs. Ionela Petre, Ministry of Transportation of Romania, participant of the Inland waterways transport seminar of 2015
“Impressed by the efficient multimodal transport and exposed to the development of logistics via inland waterways, we take home new knowledge which we will try to implement in our own realities. It was truly memorable.”