Courses in Antwerp

During a two-week full-time programme in Antwerp, academics and experts within the port community provide you with high-end lectures and hands-on workshops, with a total of 60 hours. This programme includes visits to the Flemish port areas. 

Container Terminal Management

From 09/09/2024 to 20/09/2024

Port Logistics

From 14/10/2024 to 25/10/2024

Dredging Technologies

From 03/06/2024 to 14/06/2024

Supply Chain Management & Hinterland Connectivity

From 29/01/2024 to 09/02/2024

Port Logistics

From 04/09/2023 to 15/09/2023

Container Terminal Management

From 13/11/2023 to 24/11/2023