Tailor-made courses

Tailor-made courses

While offering a fixed set of port courses on various subjects, APEC also provides tailor-made courses, both in Belgium and abroad. APEC can send experts from Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Port of Antwerp-Bruges International and the Flemish port community to all corners of the world, to conduct specialised courses on a topic of the client’s choosing.

These programmes are put together jointly around the topic at hand and are therefore directly targeted to tackle all relevant challenges relevant for your team and port. In cooperation with the training centre for dockworkers “OCHA”, APEC has the capacity to provide specific skill training seminars for dock workers. These practice-oriented trainings are conducted on the simulator of the training centre.

  • Bespoke programmes upon request to fit the needs of your organization
  • In cooperation with the training centre for dockworkers “OCHA”, conducts specific skill trainings for dock workers.
  • Online, in Antwerp or on location

Executive courses 

Whether you supervise small teams or a global organization. Equip yourself with the proper expertise to expand your impact and provide practical solutions to all levels of your port business.  

Train the trainer 

APEC offers a ‘Train the Trainer’ programma to help you build a framework of internal experts equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead training sessions an deliver training internally.

Training needs assessment 

APEC experts offer consulting services to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) on behalf of your organization. Our experts will gather information on the current expertise and knowledge of your employees, as well as the specific training needs of your organization through a variety of methods including interviews, surveys, and observation. After having analysed these data, consultants will create tailored training programmes to address the identified needs. 

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Asia Exclusive Seminar

Tailor-made port course in Antwerp

September 25th – October 2nd 2024