Asia Exclusive Seminar

Tailor-made Port Course in Antwerp

25/09 – 2/10 2024

Welcome to the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the premier gateway to Europe. With its central location, presence of Europe’s largest chemical cluster, extensive transport connections, excellent infrastructure, pioneer position in energy transition, and commitment to innovation, the port offers unparalleled opportunities for international trade and logistics.

Day 1: Discovering the Port of Antwerp-Bruges


Immerse yourself in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges as we unveil our masterplan for sustainable growth and development. Learn about the crucial role of the Port Authority and our dedication to energy transition and innovation. Explore our daughter companies, including APEC, Port of Antwerp-Bruges International, and Nxtport with its cutting-edge port community system. Experience the Antwerp port combining a visit to one of our dynamic multi-modal terminals.

Day 2: Port of Antwerp-Bruges – the Gateway to Europe


Delve into the gateway strategy of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Discover our extensive hinterland connectivity, enabling seamless transportation and logistics. Explore our innovative multimodal solutions for efficient and sustainable transport. Witness container operations at one of our world-class container terminals and continue exploring the vast activities within the Antwerp port.

Day 3: Trade Facilitation and Customs Regulations


Gain comprehensive insights into trade facilitation and VAT regulations, ensuring seamless trade in Belgium and Europe. Understand Belgian customs regulations and experience the efficiency of our logistic service providers. Witness the advanced technology of our custom container scanners, promoting safety and security in trade operations.

Day 4: Port of Antwerp-Bruges – Zeebrugge port Competitive Advantages


Experience the competitive advantages of Zeebrugge port, strategically located and equipped with specialized facilities that position it as a vital import and export hub in Europe. Visit a RoRo terminal in Zeebrugge port and take in the enchanting sights of Bruges’ historical city center.

Day 5: Supply Chain Dynamics in Europe


Unravel the latest trends in the supply chain. Gain insights into supply chain networks and visit an inland terminal. Explore the distribution center of Nike, renowned for its strategic location and innovative logistics strategies.

Day 6: Closing Day – Investment in Flanders and Last Mile Logistics


Wrap up the seminar by exploring investment opportunities in Flanders and gaining valuable knowledge about last mile logistics in Belgium. Celebrate the participation and achievements of the attendees during the closing event, where certificates will be awarded. Engage in networking opportunities to forge valuable connections.

Join us on this remarkable journey and discover the vast opportunities awaiting you at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the ultimate gateway to Europe.

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