Supply Chain Management & Hinterland Connectivity

From 29/01/2024 to 09/02/2024

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From 29/01/2024 to 09/02/2024
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Many global forces and disruptive trends impact the global supply chain and the port industry.  
To tackle these challenges, ports need to develop a strategy towards resilience and sustainable growth, focusing on the supply chain’s main factors.

For Whom

The programme aligns best with (senior) managers and port professionals facing managerial and strategic aspects of supply chains and port development in their port authority or Logistics Provider Service.


The course provides insight into the drastic transformation of global supply chains and its impact on the port environment. The course will focus on the three main aspects of the supply chain: foreland connectivity, port efficiency and hinterland connectivity. Every aspect of the supply chain is addressed, each with its associated challenges.

The programme consists of 6 modules:

Changing Global Supply Chains

  • Major trends and critical success factors to global supply chains, with guidelines on how to align your own port strategy.

Innovative Solutions for More Sustainable Supply Chains

  • Effective implementation and smart use of innovation in operational services associated with the global supply chain in and around the port

Foreland Connectivity

  • Main parameters of port connectivity and how to align the development of a maritime foreland.

Hinterland Connectivity

  • The main factors of strong hinterland connectivity and tools to extend the outreach beyond the port area

Port Efficiency & Competitiveness

  • How to develop an attractive port platform and improve operational performance to increase port efficiency and competitiveness

Port Strategy

  • Practical sessions for the participants to develop a port strategy guided by the insights and knowledge they obtained throughout the programme

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