Dredging Technologies

From 03/06/2024 to 14/06/2024

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From 03/06/2024 to 14/06/2024
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Dredging plays a crucial role in coastal infrastructure projects and guarantees port access and the navigability of waterways. 

It is of essence to understand how the process of dredging can be performed safely, efficiently and cost-effectively in combination with attention to the marine ecosystem and its marine biodiversity in order to face upcoming challenges such as long periods of drought, a growing population, reduction of CO2 emissions, polluted rivers, seas and soils, … 

Two major dredging companies, DEME Group and Jan De Nul Group, are based in Belgium and bring a substantial contribution to the programme, including engaging activities, inspiring field excursions, dredger simulators, etc. 

For whom

The course is open to both technical and non-technical professionals, engaged in managerial or operational aspects of the dredging business, such as: dredging contractors and those involved in dredging projects at offshore companies, port authorities, construction companies, conservation agencies, project owners working for governments, coastal engineering companies, dredging contractors and other organisations. 


This high-level seminar on Dredging Technologies gives an overview of the latest applications, technology, equipment and environmental aspects of dredging and the project management that goes along. 

Experienced port professionals and academics will provide in-depth content in a well-balanced combination of theory sessions and visits, completed by case studies.

Over a course of 2 weeks in Antwerp, the following topics will be covered in 6 modules:

Maintenance versus Capital Dredging
  • Why dredge? 
Dredging types, Processes, Techniques and Equipment 
  • Functioning and field of application 
  • Trends and innovations 
  • Case studies 
Stages of the Dredging Project
  • Reducing costs and risks in your own projects 
  • Identification, investigation, feasibility, studies, design, construction and maintenance 
Types of Dredging Contracts
  • Standard types of dredging contracts 
  • Key principles to consider when preparing a contract 
  • How to minimize the risk of claims 
Site Conditions and Soil Characteristics
  • Scope site conditions, soil characteristics and environmental aspects, surveying and geotechnical investigations  
Environmental Aspects of Dredging
  • Impact on the environment and how this can be addressed through planning, management, mitigation and monitoring of the project


Site visits within the Port of Antwerp & the Port of Zeebrugge, Flanders Hydraulics, Royal
IHC and many others.

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