Green Hydrogen – from a port’s perspective

From 30/09/2024 to 15/11/2024

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From 30/09/2024 to 25/10/2024
From 11/11/2024 to 15/11/2024
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The maritime and industry sector is embarking on a revolutionary journey towards sustainability, with green hydrogen as promising tool in this transformation. This comprehensive course dives into the world of green hydrogen and its impact on industry, ports and the supply chain. The course puts a focus on the increasing role of ports in the energy transition as export location, import hub and offtake platform. The participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of clean energy in port and maritime environments.

The content sessions and visits will be presented by experts, policy makers and industry experts from within the Port of Antwerp-Bruges national and international network.

The live week of the course can be an ideal step-up for the European Hydrogen Week 2024, taking place in Brussels from 18th till 22nd November.

For Whom

This course is directed towards professionals who are involved in the energy transition in both public and private organisations.

  • Experts and managers in a port/energy environment
  • Government officials and policymakers in energy and transport
  • Investors in supply chain, energy and ports
  • Industry professionals looking for a deeper understanding of the supply chain


The Hydrogen economy
  • The role of green hydrogen in the energy transition
  • The basics of hydrogen production and technology
  • Hydrogen and its derivatives
  • Hydrogen transport & storage 
Ports & the Green hydrogen supply chain
  • Green hydrogen from a ports perspective 
  • Ports as energy hubs: infrastructure and transport
  • The supply chain model of green energy 
  • The roles and responsibilities of port authorities in the H2 supply chain
Hydrogen applications
  • Application in maritime transport
    • Powering vessels with H2
    • H2 in port operations and infrastructure
  • Industry applications in chemistry, hard to abate sectors, power & heat  
  • Transport and other applications 
H2 Framework
  • The impact of green hydrogen on international maritime regulations 
  • The regulatory framework in the EU 
  • Best practices in H2 business cases
  • Safety regulations and permitting in H2 handling and transport
  • Career opportunities and training possibilities

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