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Updated calendar 2021

We have updated our course schedule for 2021! Browse through our topics below or click here for calendar view.

Tailored & Executive courses

While offering a fixed set of port courses on various subjects, APEC also provides tailored solutions upon request – in Belgium and abroad. In cooperation with OCHA, APEC also has the capacity to provide specific skill training courses for dock workers. The executive courses tend to the needs of the higher level management. Click to learn more and do let us know how we can help out.

Our Story

APEC is the port training centre of Antwerp and Flanders, offering a variety of courses to maritime professionals from all over the world. Click to learn more about our history and our team.


Combi Port Courses 2021

4 weeks online, 1 week in Antwerp

Port Logistics

Online: 13/09 – 08/10
Antwerp: 15/11 – 19/11

Language: EN
Apply until: 30/08/2021

Health, Safety & Security

Online: 18/10 – 16/11
Antwerp: 22/11 – 26/11

Language: EN
Apply until: 04/10/2021

Gestion et Stratégie Portuaire

Online: 13/09 – 08/10
15/11 – 19/11

Language: FR

Apply until: 30/08/2021

Breakbulk Shipping & Logistics

Online: 25/10 – 18/11
Antwerp: 29/11 – 03/12

Language: EN
Apply until: 11/10/2021

Sante, Sécurité & Sûreté

Online: 11/10 – 05/11
Antwerp: 22/11 – 26/11

Language: FR
Apply until: 27/09/2021

Logistique Portuaire

Online: 08/11 – 03/12
Antwerp: 06/12 – 10/12

Language: FR
Apply until: 25/10/2021

Online Port Courses 2021

6 to 8 weeks on our online environment

Smart Port Technologies

Dates: 30/08 – 08/10

Language: EN
Apply until: 23/08/2021

International Port Strategy



Strategic Development for a Future Oriented Port



Port Management & Strategic Masterplanning



Perishable Logistics


Sustainable Port Development in Changing Global Supply Chains



Port Business Development & Marketing



Antwerp Port Courses 2021

2 weeks in Antwerp

Dredging Technologies

Dates: 11/10 – 22/10

Language: EN
Apply until: 11/08/2021

Container Terminal Management

Dates: 18/10 – 29/10

Language: EN
Apply until: 18/08/2021

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