APEC offers port training seminars to port professionals from all over the world.


APEC offers Port courses, executive courses and tailored solutions to meet your every training need.

Port Friendship through Port Knowledge


APEC is the port training centre of Antwerp and Flanders, offering short-term seminars to professionals from all over the world.

The seminars not only facilitate an exchange of knowledge and best practices; they also provide a platform of discussion between participants, building a unique bound of friendship amongst them.

While offering a fixed set of port courses on various subjects, APEC also provides tailored solutions upon request – in Belgium and abroad. In cooperation with OCHA, APEC also has the capacity to provide specific skill training seminars for dock workers. The Executive courses tend to the needs of the higher level management.

Port course: Port environmental policy and technology

1 - 12 October 2018
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Port course: Gestion et logistique portuaire

5 - 16 november 2018
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